31 March 2017


Dear All

We would like to invite you for an intimate Transfer Day Memorial Ceremony March 31th 2017 at 7.45 pm (sundown) – 9 pm in the small square on Stormbroen/Berthel Thovaldsens Plads

Transfer Day 1917 marks the transaction, when Denmark sold its former colony “The Danish West Indies” to The United States of America for 25 million Danish kroners in Gold. A transfer between Colonial Powers without consulting the opinion or taking into accounts the rights of the people on St. Croix, St. Thomas & St. John.

While Transfer Day 2017, for the first time in the last 100 years has gained a lot of media attention in Denmark, it still seems that there is a long road to awareness, recognition and reparation.

With the Transfer Day Commemoration Ceremony, we wish to dislocate the word “transfer” from its stifling historical context, and approach it as a conceptual window for thinking about how culture, spirit and memory, both travels and also adapts.*

We hope this evening will create a space for healing, spirituality, solidarity and recognizing emancipation & legacies through art.

We will make a small live projection on Christiansborg [The Danish Parliament] as well as facilitate a sound system with a microphone. The projection will be projected directly onto Christiansborg – Diagonally opposite to The Danish National Archive’s exhibition in Rigsdagsgården.

At 9 pm we would walk collectively to Nørrebro for those who wants to join.

Unity in Fiyah

Katrine, Annarosa and Miriam

 *Inspired by Temi Odumosu, La Vaughn Belle and Artlantic.

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