March 2017

See, seen. Eyes on a golden plate an installation situated in an apartment, a scene for artworks , furniture, reproductions, books and other objects.

Curated by Moa Alskog, presenting works by artists Karl Isakson, Viktoria Wendel Skousen, Sara Ursina, Ingrid Eggen and Hvid[mə] Archive.

“It is about fixing the gaze. He could have said that the small things matter; he did not say that. He could have said that the love to your neighbour is what matters; he did not say that. He did not say what you should fix your gaze at. He just said it has to be fixed.”
(Knausgård, Karl Ove, 2011, Min Kamp 6, Forlaget Oktober AS. Translation: Moa Alskog.)


Jesper Brochmands gade 6, 2200 Copenhagen N. Denmark