January 2017 – May 2017


Hvid[mə] Archive will be on display at the new exhibition space | meter | as a part of the first exhibition Unravelings.

The exhibition looks at Denmark as a colonial power, and how this affects today’s society and our sense of national identity. Unravelings is an exhibition of both national and international art, that will slowly take form, develop and expand through different stages over the five-month long exhibition period.

The group exhibition Unravelings is centred around Hvid[mə] Archive. The display of the archive will gradually change its form, develop and expand through different stages over the four-month long exhibition period. Hvid[mə] Archive welcomes participants with a wider practice, to present works, ideas, research and lectures.

12_Hvidme-Archive_installation-view_201713_Hvidme-Archive_installation-view-detail_2017 arkiv-cloosedup_0129



January 5th – June 17 2017
Thursday to Saturday: 1–5 pm

Read more about the curators’ ambitions for the new exhibition space in “Det kuratoriske mål er mangfoldighed og fordybelse” at Kunsten.Nu.

| meter |
Henrik Rungs Gade 25, 2200 Copenhagen N