The Star Child Project – a performative experiment
by Yong Sun Gullach

Performance followed by art talk and discussion

Saterday 10th June 2017 at 15.00 -15.30
| meter | Meter Exhibition Space, Henrik Rungs Gade 25, 2200 Copenhagen N, Denmark.

The Star Child Project is part of a series of art expressions, circulating on the topic Transnational Adoption as modern colonization.

The Star Child Project aims to investigate the ritual burden that the colonialized body experience, by attaching objects that hinders a balance and movement. The experiment investigates the material, the audience and the body that leave traces – a bodily mark, a scar, a scarification. The tactility of the materials both shapes and carry a clear reference to the colonization of Southeast and East Asia.

Yong Sun Gullach is a Korean-Danish artist and activist operating at the boundaries of performance, poetry, film, music, noise and installation art. Her main themes investigate disruptions and disorientation as she unfolds the aesthetics of the expressions and narrations that are embedded inbetween the body, the sound and the objects.

Photo documentation by Mayra Navarrete

MNavarrete -1956

MNavarrete -2003


MNavarrete -1912

MNavarrete -2121

MNavarrete -2100

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