Dear White Europe. A film by Teju Adisa-Farrar in collaboration with Hanna MiKoch. Released Feb, 2017. 

March 10th 2017, 4 -7 pm.
| meter |
 Henrik Rungs Gade 25, 2200 Copenhagen N

Teju N. Adisa-Farrar. A post colonial urbanist and poet.

Escape. There are three types of ‘-scapes’ that I am aware of: cityscapes, landscapes,and escapes.
Unlike the first two the last is precarious; however, all three have elements of geography. In this instance the -scape I’m referring to, escape, has a historical geography of slavery, colony, and abandonment.
The escapees did not escape danger. No, they attempted to escape history in
exchange for the benefits of legacy. They transformed their identity into
perceived neutrality during the world wars. But we all know neutrality,
like diplomacy, is just the difference between what’s kept silent and what
we say out loud.
Excerpt from the essay, titled Escape, 2017.                                                    

Teju is a writer/poet and urban geographer. One of eight Ashram Activist Fellows for 2017-2018, she is currently completing a 4Cities Erasmus Mundus Masters in Urban Studies. Living in four European cities over two years she conducts research on exclusion, subaltern communities, geographies of Blackness, transnational Blackness, and city culture initiated by people of African descent as well as other post-colonial communities.

Teju has extensive work experience in the non-profit sector and is the Creative Director of World Unwrapped, which curates content on global perspectives and intercultural urbanism.
Teju aims to integrate diaspora city culture and art with creative development strategies to create inclusive urbanism that addresses the needs of urban communities, promotes awareness and nurtures diversity. She spends her time doing research, performing poetry, and visual art.


Teju-Adisa-Farrar &Hanna Mikosch_Dear White Europe_2017