Hvid[mə] Archive will re-actualize the old Danish word hvidme.

Hvidme [‘viðmə] (older Modern Danish (roughly 1500-1700) similar in meaning to hwitnæ (whiten, roughly 1350-1500); a derivative of hvid (white); comparable to blødme, fedme, rødme, sødme (softness, fatness/rich, blush, sweetness); now rare), white colour; whiteness

– Dictionary of Danish Language 1700-1950

Hvidme is an old abstract noun formed by the Danish adjective hvid (white) and the suffix -me. The word ending is close related to the more common suffix -hed (best translated to -ness, -ship or -dom). But when –hed (originating from the German term heit ‘mode, kind, condition’ and from ancient English had ‘rank, position’) refers to a specific character or quality that has been achieved, the suffix -me marks an incipient transition to/from a state (red/rich/soft/sweet/white), as something gradual, in process, not representing one unique condition.