Hvid[mə] Printed Archive consists of a multidisciplinary collection of texts and works, unfolding critical perspectives through a conceptualization of the old Danish noun hvidme.

The archive aims to deconstruct and problematize whiteness. In this sense, the archive is partly a linguistic manoeuvre to represent a vocabulary for discussion, and partly a room where critical perspectives on whiteness can be shared. Hvid[mə] Archive is a polyphonic and tentative action that seeks to expose the white colour’s violence, the institutional power at play and the selective colonial memory.

Hvid[mə] Printed Archive consist of excerpts from artworks, articles, theory and literature in the field of: 

art / culture / critical studies / intersectionality / racialization / mythology / colonial history / decoloniality / philosophy / literature / queer theory / feminism

The following list features all contributions to the printed archive.

Adisa-Farrar, Teju N.: Escape, 2017

Ahmed, Sara: “A phenomenology of whiteness”, Feminist Theory, 2007

Aidt, Naja Marie; Knutzon, Line; Moestrup, Mette: excerpt from Frit flet – fællesbogen, Gyldendal (Danish publisher), 2014

Andreassen, Rikke; Henningsen, Anne Folke; Myong, Lene: “Introduktion: Hvidhed”, Kvinder, Køn og Forskning (Danish journal)#4, 2008

Ará, Zoltan: “Nu beder jeg jer om at aflevere mit ansigt tilbage”, Politiken Bøger (Danish newspaper), March 22, 2015

Arke, Pia: excerpt from Etnoæstetik, Kunsttidsskriftet Ark (Danish art journal), 1995

Baldwin, James : excerpt from Giovanni´s  Room, ”Chapter two”, Dell Publishing, New York, 1988   

Batchelor, David: “Chromophobia”, Chromophobia, Reaktion Books, 2000

Baudrillard, Jean: excerpt from The Systems of Objects, Verso Books, (1968) 1996

Blixen, Karen: “Det ubeskrevne Blad”, Sidste Fortællinger, Gyldendal (Danish publisher), 1957

Blaagaard, Bolette: “European Whiteness? – A Critical Approach”, Kvinder, Køn & Forskning #4 (Danish journal), 2008

Blaagaard, Bolette: “Whose freedom? Whose memories? Commemorating Danish colonialism in St. Croix”, Social Identities: Journal for the Studies of Race, Nation and Culture 17 (1), 2011

Blaagaard, Bolette: “Workings on whiteness: interview with Vron Ware”, Social Identities: Journal for the Studies of Race, Nation and Culture 17 (1), 2011

Blaagaard, Bolette; Andreassen, Rikke: “Disappearing Act: The Forgotten History of Colonialism, Eugenics and Gendered Othering in Denmark”, Teaching “Race” with a Gendered Edge, Central European University Press, 2012                

Brinkmann, Vinzenz; Koch-Brinkmann, Ulrike; Piening, Heinrich: “Om gengivelse af hud i antik marmorskulptur”, Som Forvandlet. Antik skulptur i farver, Ny Carlsberg Glyptoteket (Danish exhibition catalogue), 2014

Brown, Lesley-Ann: “The Black Gaze: Denmark Still Not Comfortable with its Colonial Past”, The St. Thomas Source, December 12, 2016

Buhl, Nanna Debois: “Incredible Creatures”, A Journey in Two Directions, Revolver Publishing, 2010

Bukdahl, Else Marie: “Det Hvide Europa – om forholdet mellem æstetik, etik og politik i receptionen af antikkens skulptur i det 17. og 18. århundrede”, manuscript, 2004

Bukdahl, Else Marie: “The Significance of Classical Plaster Casts in Teaching Artists at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and in Contemporary Danish Art”, manuscript, 2014

Chatwin, Bruce: excerpt from Utz, notes by: Karen Harsbo, Forlaget Samleren (Danish publisher), 1988

Christensen, Inger: excerpt from Det, notes by: Anna Ravn, Gyldendal (Danish publisher), 1969

Christensen, Joan Rang: excerpts from Den Hvide Mand – en kompliceret kærlighedsærklæring, Drama (Danish publisher), 2013

Christensen, Joan Rang: “De gule & de hvide”, Modkraft (Danish online magazine), 2012

Christensen, Joan Rang: “Digte & andre tekster”, manuscript, 2015

Christiansen, Lene Bull; Harris, Ashleigh: “The Danish African: Wolle Kirk, whiteness and colonial complicity”, KULT 11: Made in Denmark (Danish journal), 2013

Clausen, Mette: white is hiding (image), 2015

Danbolt, Mathias: “Striking reverberations: beating back the unfinished history of the colonial aesthetic with Jeannette Ehlers’ Whip it Good”, Otherwise: Imagining queer feminist art histories, Manchester University Press, 2015

Danielewitz, Christian; Ramdas, Anu: “The Future is Already Written by the Hands”, White City/Black Desert – Black City/White Desert, Forlaget Asterisk (Danish Publisher), 2014

Davis, Angela Yvonne: excerpt from Are Prisons Obsolete, “Slavery, Civil Rights, and Abolitionist Perspectives” , Seven Stories Press, New York, 2013

Demirovic, Suada Ada: excerpts from Identity of the Bilingual (image), 2016

Douglas, Mary: excerpt from Purity and Danger, Routledge, (1966) 2002

Dyer, Richard: “The white man’s muscles”, White, Routledge, 1997

Dyer, Richard: “The Matter of Whiteness”, White Privilege, Worth Publishers, 2011

Ehlers, Jeannette: Whip it good (image), 2013/15

Eze, Emmanuel Chukwudi: “The Colour of Reason”, Postcolonial African Philosophy. A Critical Reader, Blackwell Publishers, 1997

Fanon, Frantz: “The Fact of Blackness”, Black Skin, White Masks, Pluto Press, (1952) 1986

Fanon, Frantz: excerpt from The Wretched of the Earth, Grove Press, (1961) 1963

Farrokzhad, Athena: excerpt from VITSVIT, Gyldendal (Danish publisher), 2013

Frankenberg, Ruth: excerpt from White Women, Race Matters, The Social Construction of Whiteness, University of Minnesota Press, 1993

Frejstrup, Sine: “Hvidme”, manuscript, 2015

Gleerup, Trine Mee Sook: Racial Representation (image), ongoing 2013-

Grasskamp, Walter: “The White Wall – On the Prehistory of the ‘White Cube’”, Issue 09: Curating critique, oncurating.org, 2011

Gullach, Yong Sun: Besættelse, Friktion – Opsamling 2015-16. Magasin for køn, krop & kultur (Danish journal), 2016

Hagen, Christina: excerpt from White Girl, Gyldendal (Danish publisher), 2012

Haile, Miriam: excerpts from Tigrinya Wealth, video stills and text, 2015

Hardenberg, Julie Edel: “Jeg er ikke nogen flødebolle”, Anamnese/Silannit, 2016-17

Hartigan, John: excerpt from Racial Situations: Class Predicaments of Whiteness in Detroit, Princeton University Press, 1999

Holm, Annarosa Krøyer: the white tent, notes, ongoing 2015-

hooks, bell: “Black Women: Shaping Feminist Theory”, Feminist Theory – from margin to center, South End Press, 1994

Jespersen, Christina Marie: Ord udskåret til det ufarvede i “Bemærkninger om farverne”, excerpts from Ludwig Wittgenstein, translated by The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (1951) 1988, part one, 2017

Kaisen, Jane Jin: excerpt from Loving Belinda, Forlaget Asterisk (Danish publisher), 2015

Kjærgaard, Camilla Juul: excerpt from The African American’s War on Drugs – Notions of Racial Inequalities in America’s War on Drugs, 2016

Kleemann, Jessie: excerpts from the performance Orsoq, video stills, 2005, and excerpt from Qivittoq, Hurricane Publishing, 2012

Klonk, Charlotte: excerpt from Spaces of Experience. Art Gallery Interiors from 1800 to 2000, Yale University Press, 2009

Kryger, Mathias: Medico design og psykiatri, interview med Jesper Vaczy Kragh, manuscript, 2015

Kryger, Mathias: Medico design og psykiatri, interview med Signe Kryger Hansen, manuscript, 2015

Langvad, Maja Lee: excerpt from Find Holger Danske, Borgen (Danish publisher), 2006

Langvad, Maja Lee: excerpt from Hun er vred, Gladiator (Danish publisher), 2014

Lockward, Alanna: “Black Europe Body Politics: Towards an Afropean Decolonial Aesthetics”, Decolonial Aesthetics, 2013

Lockward, Alanna: “White Industrial Saviour Complex”, AFRIKADAA, 2014

López, Haney Ian: excerpt from White by Law: The Legal Construction of Race (Critical America), New York University Press, 1996

Lorde, Audre: “Uses of Anger: Black Women Responding to Racism”, WSQ, 1982

McIntosh, Peggy: “White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack”, White Privilege and Male Privilege: A Personal Account of Coming To See Correspondences through Work in Women’s Studies, 1988

Melville, Herman: “Hvalens Hvidme” with introduction by Flemming Chr. Nielsen, Moby Dick, Bindslev (Danish publisher), (1851) 2011

Moestrup, Mette: excerpt from Kingsize, Gyldendal (Danish publisher), 2006

Moestrup, Mette: excerpt from Dø Løgn Dø, Gyldendal (Danish publisher), 2012

Mohanty, Chandra T.: “I Vestens Øjne: Feministisk Forskning og Kolonial Diskurs”, Postkolonialisme, Århus Universitetsforlag (Danish publisher), (1984) 2007

Moore, Robert B.: “Racist Stereotyping in The English Language”, Race, Class, and Gender: An Integrated Study, Saint Martin’s Press, 1998

Morrison, Toni: excerpt from Mørkespil, hvidhed og den litterære fantasi, Lindhardt og Ringhof (Danish publisher), 1992

Moten, Fred: “Black Mo’nin’ in the Sound of the Photogray”, In the Break, The Aesthetics of the Black Radical Tradition, University of Minnesota Press, 2003

Myong, Lene: “Hvid avantgardemaskulinitet og fantasien om den raciale Anden”, Magtballader, Danmarks Pædagogiske Universitetsforlag (Danish publisher), 2007

Nørgaard, Bjørn: “Materialets imaginære transcendentale natur eller hvorfor elsker jeg gips?”, Hvidudstillingskatalog, Kunsthal Charlottenborg (Danish exhibition catalogue), 1999

O’Doherty, Brian: excerpt from I den hvide kube, Politisk revy (Danish publisher), (1986) 2002

Ovid: “Pygmalion”, Ovids Metamorfoser, Gyldendal (Danish publisher), (år 8 e.Kr.) 2005

Pavlovic, Ana: excerpt from Love at Last Sight, manuscript, 2016

Rawlings, Angela: excerpt from Jöklar, video, 05:02 min. 2014

Refn, Lulu: Untitled (Nine White Documents), (image), 2015

Riske, Gunhild: Whiteness – Det hvide ubehag, manuscript, 2015

Said, Edward W.: excerpt from Orientalism – Western Conceptions of the Orient, Penguin Books, 1978

Sebald, W.G.: “On the German silk industry”, excerpt from The Rings of Saturn, 1995

Sheikh, Simon: “Positively White Cube Revisited”, e-flux journal, 2009

Smith, Amalie: excerpt from Marble, Gladiator (Danish publisher), 2014

Sten-Knudsen, Julie: “OI Neutral” and “Blank”, Atlanterhavet vokser, Gyldendal (Danish publisher), 2013

Tapia, Javier: Untitled work (image), 2011

Taussig, Michael: excerpt from What color is the Sacred?, The University of Chicago Press, 2009

Taussig, Michael: “Redeeming Indigo”, Sage Publications, 2008

Tomić, Vladimir: Monument (image), 2009

Woller, Mette: excerpt from At fremføre virkeligheden men samtidig undgå den totale illusion. En undersøgelse af den hvide kubes præsentationsform, master thesis from Department of Arts and Cultural Studies, Copenhagen University, 2013

Østergaard, Jan Stubbe: “Antikkens ideer i farver – debatten om antik skulpturel polykromi, ca. 1800-1900”, Classi Color, Ny Carlsberg Glyptoteket (Danish art publication), 2004

Whitmire, Ethelene: Searching for Utopia. The African American/Danish Archives, poster, Hvid[mə] Archive, 2017